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Introduce CHEF-PRO brand
Working with pleasure!

Myungsung has launched CHEF-PRO brand with a slogan "working with pleasure!"
We have studied inconveniences of existing products on the food service market
and tried to develop improved one for many years.

We are so pleased to launch more convenient product under brand name of
chef-pro with lots of patent. Myungsung will promise to do our best to launch more
convenient products on the market continuously .

CEO Greetings
Our company distributes food service and cleaning product to hotels, restaurants and resorts in Korea.
Since November 2006. under the belief that we supply good products with reasonable prices,
we've made a contract Rubbermaid Commercial & Cambro company and distributed them.
After launching our own brand CHEF-PRO, now we became a manufacturing and distribution company.
Promise Myungsung will do the best for our valued customers always.

About Us
2006 Nov 2006 Established Myungsung Commercial
Dec 2006 Made a distributor contract with Rubbermaid Commercial
2008 Feb 2008 Made a distributor contract with Cambro
2012 Jan 2012 Changed Company name to Myungsung
2013 Jul 2013 Registered manufacturing
Aug 2013 Registered patents on steam table pan with handles, etc. in Korea
2014 May 2014 CHEF-PRO Trademark Registration
Jul 2014 Foreign patent registration on Steam pan (US, Japan, China, Europe, India)
Dec 2014 Registered patent on Hard anodizing Ttukbaegi
CHEFPRO Locations
Location Information Guide
15, Juseok-ro 701beon-gil, Bibong-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea    Tel 031-355-5734    Fax 031-355-5634
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