Intro CHEF-PRO Brand

Myungsung has launched CHEF-PRO brand with a slogan

"working with pleasure!"We have studied inconveniences of existing products

on the food service market and tried to develop improved one for many years.

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PRODUCTS "working with pleasure!" Introduce a chefro.

  • Hard Anodizing Dual Ttukbaegi

    Durable! Save cooking time! Keep warm more!

  • Steam table pan with Handles

    Easy Handing! Easy to put down! Easy to Take out!

  • Flatware Rack for Chopsticks

    Draining OK! Hygiene OK! Chopsticks go through NO!

About Company
Our company distributes food service and cleaning product to hotels, restaurants and resorts in Korea. Since November 2006. under the belief that we supply good products with reasonable prices, we've made a contract Rubbermaid Commercial & Cambro company and distributed them. About Company Go
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